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Jennifer B. Niles


Jennifer B. Niles


Jennifer B. Niles

Jennifer B. Niles

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As many of you may already know from reading my books and numerous articles, I have lost close to 100 pounds over the course of the past 5 years. In the process, I not only transformed my body and improved my health, but I also transformed my entire life. Prior to shedding the pounds, I led a very unhealthy lifestyle. My days revolved around work, stress, binge drinking and devouring any type of food containing large amounts of cheese and bread. I suffered from anxiety attacks and constantly felt uncomfortable in my own skin. I was on the verge of considering weight loss surgery and a Xanax prescription when I first discovered the potent power of yoga and a plant-based diet. Once I committed myself to The Organic Transformation Program for one full year, the initial 75 pounds just seemed to melt away.

Since that point five years ago, my weight has continued to dwindle down at a steady pace thanks to my continued    commitment to The Organic Transformation Project, which at a basic level is simply a natural vegan diet and consistent yoga practice.

My transformation did not happen overnight, and yours will not either! True and lasting weight loss takes time – there is no quick fix when it comes to overhauling your current lifestyle and replacing it with a new healthy way of living. After all, it didn’t take one day to gain the weight; therefore it will not take one day to lose it! In order to succeed, you must stay committed to your goals over the course of time. The Organic Transformation Project is not a quick fix - it   is a lifestyle change!


Along with my drastic and lasting weight loss, came an increased level of confidence and the courage to chase after my wildest dreams.

During my late 20’s, shortly after losing the weight, I made the decision to retire from my stressful “Corporate America” career and relocated from New Jersey to California to become a certified yoga instructor. A couple years later, I went after my ultimate goal: I sold off all my earthly possessions and relocated to the South Pacific where I became an inspirational author and health coach.

These radical changes in my life would have never been possible if it were not for my weight loss!


                                                                        About The Organic Transformation Program                                                                                                    

At the very root of obesity is unhappiness, depression and stress. We binge eat, binge drink, do drugs and treat our bodies in the worst possible way to compensate for the unpleasant things that we would rather not deal with. To ignore the problems we would rather not face. The Organic Transformation Program is unique because it addresses health on all levels - the outside AND the inside. Until we dig deep to uncover the root of the problem, things will never truly change because our mindsets remain the same.                                                                                                                     

My personal approach to weight loss is very different than many others. I do not promote any quick fix diets or magic pills. I do not promise that your body will completely change in just 30 days! Instead, I will teach you how to change your lifestyle and mindset so that the weight comes off and will never come back. Click here to learn more about the different packages available!


What you get when you sign up for The Organic Transformation Program


-A free copy of both of my e-books My Yoga Transformation and Eating Vegan - On a Budget!                                                             

-A customized food, yoga and meditation schedule (including DVD's) for each day.                               

-A guide to make your weekly grocery shopping fun, enjoyable and AFFORDABLE!                                                                         

-1-2 delicious vegan recipes each week + plant based cooking tips.                                                                                                

-Unlimited email communication - any questions, concerns, comments or just moral support as needed - I vow to make myself accessible to you within 24-48 hours.

-Two check-in phone calls per month to chat about your progress ... or anything else on your mind!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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